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XTSOTIS, a web-based multi-user online trade information platform. XTSOTIS allows Stock Brokers to have access to the alternate system for comprehensive trade monitoring, risk surveillance and enables enterprise to operationally responsive. Users will benefit from this platform to have better control and real time visibility of their trades and in general boost surveillance capability of the organization. NSE Capital Market, Futures & Options and Currency derivatives segments can be accessed via XTS OTIS and Monitor their trade, trade modifications and give-up confirmation on a real time basis.

How it works

Symphony introduction

For accessing XTS OTIS in CM, F&O and CD segments members have to take API access from NSE and need to provide their static IP to the Exchange for whitelisting. The IP shall be whitelisted upon request and member shall be able to access the necessary data from said static IP’s after connecting to the URL’s provided in the API specifications.

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