An efficacious solution to relay Buy Signals to XTS TWS


Backed with the success and growing popularity of XTFuse plugin for Amibroker, Symphony Fintech has brought to you the same ability to link your Windows based trade signal generating platforms to XTS TWS through XTFuse API .

XTFuse API allows you to transfer signals from Windows based Charting and Quant system to XTS TWS in automated manner, relieving the trader from the cumbersome task of manually monitoring the signals and entering it in trader terminals. With the use XTFuse API , trader can publish buy sell signals to XTS TWS in automated manner review them on XTS TWS before deciding to trade with those signals with single click or key stroke.

Main Features of XTFuse API

Main Features of XTFuse API

Main Features of XTFuse API

Main Features of XTFuse API

Main Features of XTFuse API

  • Outsourced Product Development

  • Outsource Development and Engineering Services

  • Outsource Managed Services

  • Outsource Maintenance and Support Services

  • Outsource Testing and QA Services

  • Staff Augmentation Services

• Signal Capture Automation • Capture hundreds of Signals from multiple Charts and Analysis • Consolidated collection of Trading signals in single view. • View of estimated Profitability based on current Price before trades are placed. • RMS friendly for Exchange/SEBI compliance • Approved by Multiple Exchanges • Support for Excel and Third Party Windows based APIs and Platform • Increases trader’s efficiency and reduces human errors caused by him/her through typos and misinterpretation of signals. • Gives you total control as TWS and your API solutions remain on your local system. No dependency on cloud services and other internet protocols and servers.If you are able to place manual orders be sure that your signals too can be traded with single click.


Are you looking for a robust Order Management System & well combined APIs to connect with Indian Exchanges? Your search has finally ended. XTFuse APIs are well documented, easy to comprehend, excellent for Active Traders and Asset Managers working on custom strategies.


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