• General Terms & Conditions

The details listed below on the general terms & conditions outline the rules and regulations with respect to eligibility, validity period, company representations, intellectual property laws and indemnity rules. We ensure utmost adherence on the rules related to transparency and governance and ensure both parties are in compliance of the market trading laws.

We are represented by the terms “Symphony”, “Symphony Fintech”, “Symphony Fintech Solutions Pvt. Ltd” as a Fintech trading platform for stock trading, multi-asset order booking, market trading, the terms which will be used throughout our documentation.

The terms (“customer”, “clients”, “trader” and “user” can be used interchangeably and refer to the same personas.



As a foreword, Symphony is not liable for representations and warranties others than what we have mentioned. We clearly dismiss any other claims/warranty made other than stated herein.

This document is a binding agreement which supersedes all past understanding, agreements, and statements either in oral or written form.

The users can start LIVE trading after developing an overall understanding of the features and functionality of the platform and its finer nuances.

In order to reap the benefits of profitable trading, users have to undertake an in-depth training of the platform and engage in pre-trade testing to gain deeper insights.

It is preferable that the customers (“users”) also undertake due research in using the trading platform and get aware of all the secondary tools and icons for achieving successful trading.

Technology glitches and faults related to the system or external events are unintentional and inevitable in any IT related scenario.

Please ensure that all the systems are in place with regards to backup and reliability. Any loss arising out of such unforeseen events will not be borne by Symphony Fintech. Clients are required to take due caution on such factors.


Why Symphony TRUIMPHS:

We at Symphony take utmost pleasure in providing the latest, go-to-market and professionally accepted tools and techniques of getting the best returns for your money invested.

Moreover, our expert panel of financial traders give you seamless understanding of using the tools and ensure diligent and sustained training and support as and when needed.

Symphony takes pride of being a forerunner in developing cutting edge, customized and innovative products and tools for the benefit of the trading community. It is for this very reason we have always strived to undertake more value in developing our own set of unique products since inception.

It is not a fallacy that we compliment ourselves. The stream of goodwill and the growing client list is testament of our quality and reliable services.



Trust is the basis of all relationship” is what we at Symphony have always believed in in all these years of our existence. Although we are fully committed to an impeccable customer experience, some things are beyond our purview and scope.

Users of Symphony platform agree and oblige to indemnify or hold non-accountable Symphony Fintech and its management including Directors, officers, board members, employees and any company representative from any liabilities, loses, claims, and expenses (including legal fees, attorney payments, client expenses) directly from failure in adhering to the rules, non-compliance to terms and conditions, and breach of obligations set herein in terms of the agreement of otherwise.


The Systems, products, service rights, documents and features, and commercial trademarks are proprietary, licensed, copyrighted and solely owned by Symphony Fintech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Symphony is the licensed owner and source of all the products, software and other items listed on website and reserve the unhinged intellectual rights over it.

The offer documents and other commercial agreements are confidential and reserved only for the intended parties concerned.

Any attempt to copy, retain, infringe, publish, reproduce may be dealt according by Symphony Fintech’s legal team.

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