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I am a subscriber of Symphony's trading platform. This platform I think will bring a new era in trading.I was very delighted to learn about the platform and have been using it for few months.

Raghuveer Rathore, Jan 9, 2015

You made my dream into reality, my system may perform or may not, but you conceptualized my idea into programming code finally after so much refinement & discussion.I came to know how tough its to make into reality (program signals), what we perceived as system might be simple in saying & writing, but difficult to make into coding reality.Really thankful to the whole team for your brilliant effort, with more patience whenever I spoke to you, thanks a lot symphony.I really recommend to all my trading fraternity about symphony, now I will step into real trading next week with the code.

Srinivasan. K, Sep 26, 2014

I would like to thank you and your technical team for speeding up the process and activating my account on a high priority basis.Wonderful service, i must say.The demo and understanding of the product was made clear to me in a very easy and lucid way.Looking forward to test your other services in due course of time.

Arunjit Banerjee, May 12, 2014

I am very happy and fully satisfied with the symphony presto and feel proud have one product with me.its the most perfect thing and symphony is a technological brilliance. But the most appreciable thing is the symphony staff and the service.they are just cool, perfect and best.....hats off to your team...and no words to thank you all.i am really impressed the way the entire staff handled my project and helped me out as, being a surgeon, I was not having even the basic knowledge about trading.you and your crew are the best in your fields.Best thing of presto system is it is fully customisable and affordable.best thing about symphony is the staff and their co operation.

Dr. Vivek bharambe, Apr 1, 2014

This effort to create a means of a machine to take of any strategy invented is itself a great contribution. I feel it a great job and your efforts will be rewarding in days to come by creating more controls and channeling every thing through your master control and also ensuring immediate Technical help as in trading major losses result because of not putting stop loss order at all or before sending Stoploss Order some technical snag will occur adversely eroding capital. You develop locking system for allowable capital erosion.The toughest of all is emotional control for which you are giving deliverance and hence you deserve praise and your thumping success in days to com is certain. Once again wishing everything best.

Nimmaraju subrahmanyam, Mar 18, 2014

After knowing about you and your system presto fuse excel over internet it gives me renewed hope as your system looks very promising and futuristic.

Manoj, Feb 13, 2015

I have opted for Symphony mainly because of their great after sales support. They are very professional if what they do. Starting from their sales team, Lead manager, Developer lead, Support team, everyone knows about the platform and in case of any issues with Symphony platform they are able to sort out the issues and also they keep me updated on the progress. Where as the main problem with xxxxx vendors are, there are many vendors who sell the same software. When I ask about the product, they couldn't explain much, during live market hours in case i face any issues with execution, it is difficult to reach the support team. Since am dealing with xx lacs, I do not want to risk my money with xxxxxx just because they are cheap. Though I pay higher money with Symphony, am lot more satisfied with their service and support. That's the only reason am with them for more than a year.

Member on Traderji.com March 11, 2015

I want to thank you for all the support you are providing me. Also i would like to congratulate you for your and your team sincere efforts in developing such a robust and wonderful thing which i thing very few Indian would be capable off.The 1st day was wonderful here as orders were swiftly placed and executed all along i was perfecting my things also side-by-side also the cancel orders were swiftly executed reporting was fast. It worked like a hot knife through butter. I was delighted to see how fast things were moving.

Manoj, Apr 9, 2015

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