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  System Requirement:
  OS: Windows
Processor" Core 2 Duo or Higher versions
  Database: MySQL, Java 6, .NET Framework 3.5
Presto ATS consists of the following components that can be run on a distributed deployment mode:
  • Admin Console: To monitor strategies. To monitor,control Risk Management ,Authentication etc.
  • Dashboard: To monitor,control strategies, Manual Order Entry etc.
  • Strategy Agent (Multiple instance can be run): Each        instance can run multiple strategies.
  • Reports includes a BIRT-based Reporting engine and custom-reports
  • RMS Compliance Module: A web-service that can plug in to your algos to seamlessly comply with SEBI/NSE/BSE/MCX algo-approval requirements
  • Order Management System (OMS): OMS includes an Order Routing System for accepting orders from external providers and routes them to multiple exchanges, persistence layer backed by a database and authentication on.
The Presto Eco-System is made up highly sophisticated base components:
  • Broadcast Data Feeders (BDF):
    These components receive live market data from NSE/MCX/BSE, decrypt and convert data to a uniform format and rebroadcast the data for internal consumption within the organization.

  • TBT Data Feeders
    Feeders receive live Tick-By-Tick market data from NSE, converts and rebroadcasts the data for internal consumption. Has built-in features to recover from transient network-failures.
  • Recorded Data Feeders (RDF)
    This consists of a 'recorder' to record live broadcast data from MCX/NSE/BSE and a 'player' to play back the recorded data under different modes in an uniform format
  • Historical Data Feeders (HDF)
    HDF reads the historical data (available from NSE/MCX/BSE/DotEx etc.) and statistically generates market-data via extrapolation in an uniform format
  • Simulated Data Feeders (SDF)
    SDF can be used to test simulated market conditions, such as, market-open, illiquid market-depth, tight calendar-spread etc.
  • FIX Simulators
    Simulators for NSE/MCX/BSE. FIX-venues that can be integrated with Symphony's Broadcast Data Feeders to create Virtual-Exchanges.
  • Excel Add-ins
    To route orders to NSE/MCX/BSE and web-service components to receive live-market-data from MCX/NSE/BSE
  • DLLs for AmiBroker connectivity
    To route orders to NSE/MCX/BSE
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