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  Algo Trading in India Global, Indian gold prices: The arbitrage opportunity
  Algo Trading in India - SEBI tightens currency derivative norms to stem rupee fall
  Symphony Fintech announces collaboration with PhillipCapital
  Q2 2013-Algo Trading in India – Looming changes for Co-Location
  Destimoney deploys Symphony Presto ATS algo trading platform
  Q1 2013-Algo Trading in India – Focus on Commodities
  Interconnected Stock Exchange invites Symphony to give seminar on Automated Trading
  Electronic Trading in India
May 6, 2011 - In a new report, Electronic Trading in India: No Country for Old Men, Celent studies the growth of electronic trading in Indian exchange-based markets, including equity, foreign exchange, and commodities. The Indian capital markets have gone through a gradual pace of liberalization. Over the last decade, steps have been put in place to allow technologies such as algorithmic trading, direct market access (DMA), and smart order routing (SOR). The country?s financial markets are poised to become international centers for electronic trading.
  Is HFT Ready to Take Over the World?
Oct 26, 2010 - The new rules - DMA models 2, 3 and 4 - address sponsored access for the equities market, allowing high-frequency traders to access low-latency markets without pre-execution controls. Other new regulations allow colocation and the connecting of networks. While these offerings already were in place for the futures market, Brazil's regulator now has made them available for the equities market, too.

Is HFT Ready to Take Over the World?




October 26, 2010 - As high-frequency traders eye opportunities across the world, emerging markets are joining the low-latency race, increasing exchange throughput capacity, lowering latency and creating a more friendly regulatory environment.

Symphony Fintech seeks to design and deploy the next generation of high-frequency algorithmic trading platforms for the buy and sell sides in india.

October 2010 - Local Brokerages trade mostly through their own prop desks, usually deploying arbitrage strategies, says Sanjay Das, CTO and founder of Symphony Fintech, "But the kind of trading strategies used by players right now will change," he asserts. "The buy side isn't there now - they will demand space in colocation facility. So we're looking at the tip of the iceberg."

  Symphony Fintech providing trading solutions to brokers at co-location facilities
September 13, 2010, 1:46 IST - Several broking firms specialising in arbitrage trading have taken a co-location facility provided by stock exchanges at their premises, allowing them to capture inefficiencies in prices automatically, based on pre-defined strategies. A co-location reduces time lag in data transmission. Brokers are using this facility mainly for arbitrage and algorithmic trading.
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