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Many Brokers in India are reaping the benefits of automating their Strategies by working with Symphony.
Brokers with Prop Desks
Implement 'Trading Strategies' for in-house traders. Prop Desks working with Symphony are able to:   pdf1
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  • Design, Back-Test & execute proprietary strategies
  • Increase the Opportunities- to- order conversion significantly
  • Trade in Multiple exchanges, segments, symbols
  • Eliminate Missed opportunities, manual errors, and human emotions.
Institutional Brokers / Institutional Trading Desks
Several Institutional brokers are using Presto to automate their strategies. Most use third party tools to decide on when to enter the market. Presto automates the entire process of executing the trades, based on smart custom rules.   pdf1
  Click here for Case Study
  • Implement ‘Execution Strategies' for Institutional Traders.
  • 'Execution Strategies' (such as, VWAP. TWAP and SOR) can be made available to 'Institutional Clients' as well as brokers.
  • 'Execution Strategies' can also be custom-developed for Institutional Clients, and deployed in their broker's infrastructure.
  • Each dealer of the broker can handle increased volume.
Retail Brokers
  • Implement 'Trading Strategies' for in-house Traders
  • The platform is accessible (after a thin download) from Internet. This platform is designed similar to the platforms available in the USA such as one from Fidelity, eTrade, Schwab, Ameritrade
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